About Us

The FinTech Association of Hong Kong (FTAHK) is led by a volunteer group of board members and committee co-chairs who care about the future of FinTech in Hong Kong, Greater China and Asia. We are not-for-profit and have an independent structure, based on pillars of transparency, accountability and governance.

Members range from promising startups and passionate individuals to global financial institutional service providers. We also work closely with government and regulators to advocate for global standards in the FinTech ecosystem.

Why Does It Exist?
There is a need for an independent organisation that can speak on behalf of the broader FinTech community. Our goal is to work together to reinforce Hong Kong’s position and role in the global FinTech ecosystem.

What Do We Do?
All the ingredients exist in Hong Kong for a world-leading FinTech industry. It already houses a broad and diverse FinTech community and exports FinTech developments globally. With the strengths of all the different participants harnessed by FTAHK, the industry can create a catalyst for sustained future development.

FTAHK supports the development of Hong Kong as a leading FinTech centre by:


creating a unified voice for the Hong Kong FinTech ecosystem
encouraging the development of proportionate and effective regulation
attracting greater investment and talent into Hong Kong FinTech


bringing together the diverse parts of the community
engaging in community collaboration and co-creation to promote innovation in financial services
supporting the creation of better financial experiences through the development of robust, reliable technology


learning from existing leaders and nurturing the next generation of talent
championing an open, inclusive and diverse FinTech community
committing to support and nurture the next generation of FinTech talent in Hong Kong